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I always knew I wanted to bake. As a child watching my grandmother and mother whip up delicious family recipes, I would offer to help. I wanted my hands to be in that flour cutting out cookies or in the icing making a cake. Often the treats to be delivered to friends in need, or to a celebration, the joy culminating in a piece of a timeless recipe passed down through generations.

For these same reasons I continue to bake today. In these troubled times, there exists the desire to get back to basics, family and comfort, to what binds us together. I hope to bring to you this same level of comfort and joy - the satisfaction of that first bite - or the excited eyes of a child who sees their favorite character portrayed in icing.

I prefer a classic flavor profile, as who could improve on Great-Grandma Baker’s vanilla buttercream icing? I mix the traditions of past with new creative ways to decorate and present my cakes, cupcakes, and desserts. Each order catered to your party or wedding’s personality, theme and feel.

Let Cakes by Rhea help you create new memories at your next event!


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